As a photo editor and an assistant director of photography at the Columbia Missourian newspaper, I oversaw 2020 election coverage, a season-long feature project on Friday night football and a year of COVID reporting. Having a hand in nearly every piece that made it out the door showed me a side of the newsroom few get to see. I co-founded “The Method,” the Missourian’s visuals blog, with Tristen Rouse and Marco Postigo Storel, and wrote a weekly column diving deep into one story or group of stories from our previous week of reporting. Through interviews with staffers and subjects, I examined every aspect of the visuals department, from intentionality in assigning to covering traumatic events to pursuing long-term video projects. Missourian director of photography Brian Kratzer served as our editor and adviser in this endeavor.
How do we choose what to photograph?
Balancing community expectations with journalistic responsibility
Photo by Toby Young
What is love?
Turning a nebulous concept into a diverse photo essay
When does the news stop? (Answer: Never)
When bad weather becomes the week's top stories
Photo by Margo Wagner
Where's the line between journalism and activism?
Covering hate from inside and outside the affected communities
Photo by Daniel Shular