Producing this story with Vox Magazine was an exercise in project management. I enlisted photographer Amy Schaffer to travel hours from our home base early in the morning and coached her through the single day she'd have with the story's main source. Once she returned, I oversaw the photo editing and design processes. And, in digging through the photographer's take to create the social promotional video for our monthly print issue, I was able to see this project through to the very end.
This story was a finalist for a SPJ Mark of Excellence award for feature photography.
Photography by Amy Schaffer. Co-editing by Elizabeth Underwood. Story by Jordan Thornsberry. Design by Heeral Patel.
This piece quickly developed from a single article about local female restaurateurs into a six-story cover package on non-male chefs. Designer Moy Zhong and I decided that the best way to show "the faces behind the food" would be to literally put faces in front of the food, layering chefs' portraits with close-up shots of their work.
In my role at Vox Magazine, I acted as liaison between the photo and magazine departments at the University of Missouri. This project, on a local couple who have been married for 75 years, came from the photojournalism capstone class, and photographer Tanishka R. and I quickly pitched and adapted it for a magazine format. I worked with creative director Makalah Hardy to ideate the design, using a single line that stretched across pages and spreads to add color to the layout and symbolize the couple's long-lasting love.
This story won a first-place SPJ Mark of Excellence award as a photo essay.
Photography and story by Tanishka R. Design by Makalah Hardy.
This profile of a local blacksmith rekindling the ancient craft in mid-Missouri was the first magazine feature for myself and each of my collaborators, so we spent a lot of time strategizing on how best to show Don Asbee and his work. Art director Moy Zhong requested photos of the specific tools Asbee used; from those, she created detailed illustrations for a glossary sidebar. Co-editor Irynka Hromotska and I also paired detail images to highlight the physical processes in a way that words alone cannot.
This story won a first-place SPJ Mark of Excellence award for feature photography.
Photography by Owen Ziliak. Co-editing by Irynka Hromotska. Story by Janae McKenzie. Design by Moy Zhong.
When I heard about an upcoming written feature and a photo story from Mizzou's introductory visuals class, both on hot air balloons, I knew it would be an interesting and thorough pairing. Deep inside a jam-packed issue, designer Makalah Hardy and I turned blue-sky ideas into a tightly-packaged feature.
Photography by Nicole Gutierrez. Story by Lauren Blue. Design by Makalah Hardy.
This story changed shape over a period of months: It began as a department Q&A about a volunteer orchestra and ended as a full-scale narrative feature. The editorial board and production team worked together to ensure it retained cohesion. In belonging to both these groups, I worked on the big picture and the minutiae alike. From photographer Owen Ziliak's first foray into portable studio lighting to Makalah Hardy's crisp design to the multimedia team's audio and video endeavors, we were able to bring the Columbia Civic Orchestra to life in print and digital spaces.
Photography by Owen Ziliak. Story by Irina Matchavariani. Multimedia by Azucena Gonzalez and Alex Fulton. Design by Makalah Hardy.
Sip of the season
Photography by Lily Dozier. Story by Chloe Konrad.
Standing together
Photography by Beatričė Bankauskaitė. Story by Elizabeth Okosun.
Healing from hate
Photography by Amy Schaffer. Story by Cela Migan. Design by Moy Zhong.