Nice to meet you!
I am a freelance photo editor and visual journalist based in Missouri. I'm currently working toward my Master's in newsroom management at the University of Missouri, where I received my Bachelor's in photojournalism editing.

My photographic work tends to find quiet in the loud and genuine in the tangential. Everyone has a story to tell, and it's my role as a photojournalist to illuminate these stories, even — and especially — when they struggle to find it themselves.

My editing work centers on education and guidance. Every photographer is made better by understanding and participating in the editing process. It's my role as an editor to facilitate this collaboration and communication — what good is my knowledge and experience if it lives only in my own head?

I LOVE: wide details, the Pittsburgh Penguins, that warm feeling when you succeed at something you love, Photo Mechanic's crop-preview feature, layered framing, speculative fiction, the Oxford comma, early-morning walks in a new city, D&D podcasts, road trips, roller coasters, fresh starts

Assistant Director of Photography, Columbia Missourian & Vox Magazine
Freelance Photographer, Sporting Kansas City
Production Intern, POLITICO Europe
Social Marketing Coordinator, HappyBottoms Diaper Bank

Photo by Liz Goodwin​​​​​​​