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I interned on the production desk at POLITICO Europe during the 2019 European commissioner hearings and at the height of Brexit negotiations. I ran our Twitter and Facebook accounts, using spreadsheets to track daily and long-term social media strategy. I also made social-first breaking news graphics for events like the sentencings of Catalan separatists. All images I posted to the social channels came equipped with alt text, a practice I introduced to the production team.
My job as a photo editor at the Missourian often involved producing social media posts — not just for stories I've edited. It's a balancing act to honor the intent of the original photographers and editors while adapting the visuals for a new medium. While on staff, the Instagram account followership grew consistently month over month, and I edited and/or produced half of our top 10 posts.
As part of my time as a Data Strategy intern at Dow Jones, I participated in a cross-department, intern-led project where we attempted to solve a real-world problem for the company. My group pitched WSJ and DJ executives on solutions to a shrinking young-adult subscriber base. We determined the most effective solutions to be a transitionary post-college subscription deal and a focus on WSJ Noted, the publication's youth-focused digital magazine. I presented on the strengths of visuals-first platforms with millennial and Gen Z audiences, and I adapted Noted stories about cryptocurrency and the toll of virtual meetings into visuals-first posts.