I was one of the primary coordinators of the Missourian's Election Day 2020 visuals coverage. Editor Elizabeth Underwood and I sent staffers and volunteers to polling places as early as 5 a.m., ensuring visuals-driven focus on local impact. We also embedded photographers at watch parties around Missouri, from the gubernatorial candidates to local Democrat and Republican organizations.
On that fateful Tuesday, the team produced three running longform galleries — local votinglocal results and national reactions — as well as a video, a series of portraits and audiograms and an in-depth, black-and-white look into the county clerk's office. By the end of my 18-hour shift, I had taken lead on editing and strategy to get our content turned around for print and web without losing quality or attention to detail.
As a TA for Fundamentals of Photojournalism under Lynden Steele, I taught and advised a dozen undergrad and graduate students on technical skills and visual storytelling. One of these students, Kayla Szymanski, showed me her progress for her final project after lab on a Wednesday night; by Friday morning, it had a full edit, a photo page and a longform web centerpiece.
Photographer Hana Kellenberger went to longtime local anchor Jim Riek's final three broadcasts over the span of two days. Because of the long and unusual hours of the broadcasts, this story was a product of massive collaboration. Editor Emmalee Reed and I worked together on the edit, and assistant director of photography Jacob Moscovitch and I created the page design. I then put together a web longform centerpiece with the accompanying 1,500-word story.
I worked closely with photographer Grace Noteboom and co-editor Tristen Rouse on this exploration of a high school band season cut off almost entirely by COVID-19. Grace went to multiple rehearsals and performances for all three Columbia public high schools, and we produced a print page and a thorough online longform about these students' first, last and only performance of the year.
Assigning editor Marco Postigo Storel handed these photos off to me on a busy Saturday. I picked up the edit, working with staff photographer Hana Kellenberger to turn her photos of a radio control hobbyist group into a web longform and print page in just a few hours.

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