The air is somehow crisper at a high school football game. The stadium lights shine off the field and reflect back onto the crowd above. There's a magic to be found in the madness — and in Friday Night Sights, we find that magic.
Friday Night Sights is a weekly photo project at the Columbia Missourian that takes a step away from the field, covering high school football from the stands and the sidelines.
I produced 17 issues of FNS as part of a dedicated team of photo editors. By semester's end, we had dispatched 31 photographers to 18 stadiums across mid-Missouri. We coached newbies and experienced staffers alike, ensuring that they felt comfortable and inspired making photos.
This was especially important to navigate during the COVID-19 pandemic: some teams had stringent restrictions for fans and journalists, and others turned a blind eye to masks and social distancing. A key part of managing this project was making sure journalists felt safe and supported through an unclear and unsafe time.
Marco Postigo Storel was my co-lead on this project, and Jacob Moscovitch was our assistant director of photography. Elizabeth UnderwoodDaniel ShularTristen Rouse and Blythe Dorrian were other key players in editing and photography work throughout the semester.
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